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The Tyler

The Tyler

$ 80.00

Totally inspired by a certain week in 2020 and named after one of the many annoyances encountered.  

We affix the medal as shown.  If you prefer having it on the other side, send us an email or a message on IG or FB after you purchase to let us know.

These are finished by hand, one at a time here at our shop, so it will take an extra couple of days to get it to you, and each is going to be slightly different.  Delivered dry.  Also available with a kit containing 4oz. of lighter fluid, a wick and flints.  Made in the USA.

ZIPPO is a registered trademark of the Zippo Manufacturing Company.  We only use genuine Zippo lighters and accessories but are not in any way affiliated to  Zippo, nor do we claim any rights infringing on their trademarks.