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How We Got the Shot


We actually had other plans for today, specifically testing the onboard compressor on the wagon. But it started raining hard and we would have had a miserable time, so it will have to wait.  

As we were sitting on the porch bemoaning the weather, an absolutely gorgeous view developed to the west of us.  The water under us was rough, and from this angle would have looked fucky, so we decided on a long exposure to smooth it out.  We had the tools:  Sturdy tripod with leveling head (RRS), capable sensor and optics (Fujifilm XT4 and a standard zoom), shutter release cable, a 10-stop ND filter (Lee Filter Big Stopper), beer (Pilsen) and smokes (Romeo Y Julieta).  One minute exposure, F22, ISO 160. Minimal post processing (crop and convert to B&W).

Equipment matters, weather does not!

Set up:


Out of camera:

Out of camera

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