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An Evening with Micah P. Hinson

It’s funny, delightful and never surprising how we meet people. Not just us, everyone.  We don’t believe in coincidences, either.

As is often the case, Spotify was playing on a cold, early Saturday morning.  Probably the Calexico Radio channel, where we discover so many new (to us) artists.  A song came on: mournful, gritty and different from what we’re used to hear.  A click or two, and we discovered Micah P. Hinson.  He played to us all morning as we were catching up on hat orders, and then into the afternoon, and early evening.

We checked out his Instagram feed and left a <3 in his DM.

Fast forward a few weeks.  Micah, a Texas-native living in Madrid stopped by to say “hi.”  We (of course) outfitted him with our best hats, talked a little and sent him off with the obligatory hug.  Just before leaving for Madrid, Micah stopped in again for an impromptu acoustic set in our speedshop (yes, we actually work on bikes), which we documented and are now delighted to present to you here






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